About Us

About Us

Crushing Azon (Crush Azon) is created and managed by Jon Bowser.

Crushing Azon under Bowser’s management is dedicated to becoming a resource for entrepreneurs and internet marketers alike.  Our mission is to not only stop the spread of misinformation when it comes the physical products business, but the absorbent prices when  it comes to both consulting and online educational materials.

Crushing Azon promotes flagship products created by the founder, the debut “How-To” guide “How to Crush it on Amazon: Create a Brand and Build a Million Dollar Business in a Year” the Deluxe edition.  This guide is currently only available in the flagship course, “Amazon FBA Product Launch: Faster Reviews, Rankings, and Sales.” A truly unique offer in its space as it is the only “How-To” book covering the subject matter that offers coaching support for buyers.

Crushing Azon not only updates previous courses but seeks to bring to light other techniques in the physical products space to help entrepreneurs make the best decisions when it comes to what products and strategies to invest in.

Crushing Azon’s future endeavors are to not only educate, but act as a consultation service to students and various companies who reach out.

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