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Hi, I am Jon I am here to talk to you about Amazon conversion. I will give you some facts and myths. Okay the first thing about Amazon conversion is that people have to find you first. You can have the best conversion on the site but if only ten people are able to find your product listing, it won’t help you. If you haven’t already, you need to watch Amazon Launch Logic. First on my YouTube page or within the course so you can better understand how people can find your product listing.

But for now, let’s talk about Amazon conversion once they’ve found your listing. Okay the elements of conversion on Amazon page are:

• Photos
• Product Title
• Review Count
• Bullets
• Description
• And Special Tags. For instance the No1 Best Seller Tags or The Amazon’s Choice Tag.

Now for Amazon conversion when it comes to photos, you do not want to use a Factory Photos from Alibaba or any other source aside UC. You want to get professionally made photos, and my number one spotlight to go to is ProductPhotography.com, additionally you can have a cheaper way of making your product stand out on the site by using 3D rendering, which is available on Fiverr.com, and of course this isn’t really a conversion factor but this is just a note, if you are selling multiple products, make sure you have a medium to set your selling within your photograph. If you are selling two of something, a pack of two, you want to have two of that product in the main photo. If you are selling three you want to have three, if you are selling one you only want to show one of that product.

This way, customers don’t get confused and leave a bad review. Okay so I just want to show you what main factor photos to product supply, so I am going to a page on that in Alibaba.com, as you can see the mat here looks pretty basic, the photos aren’t the best quality you know sometimes the baking mat can look a little bit like dirty or a little bit [dingier 00:02:01] alright they pulled this one directly from Amazon and they just add it there, copies, a lot going on for this one, but again you don’t want to have the main factual logo on the sheet, and here it is again for this one, these are better pictures, Alibaba’s main functions have improved knowing that Amazon is mostly where their products are going to be dealing, but again oh this is a great picture there product photography, but again if someone else were to get this baking mat, they have access to that picture, so you want to have professional photos, one that I had was this one done, now this can’t be recreated, my photographer had a chef actually made this and then put it on my mat and then I had in it as my main photo and you can see the bakers food logo right there.

So that is just an example of why you do need to have your photos made by a professional photographer to give you that product uniqueness and this particular photo did increase my clicks when I used it, I don’t use it anymore for this particular product, because it’s just my demo account, but when I did use it, just to get my sales up a little bit for this product, my clicks did go up, people were enticed.

Right now I want to show you the 3D rendering on Fiverr, so what you will do, you just go to fiverr.com, you want to have to create an account but I am not going to log in here, so you going to 3d rendering and this can be an alternative to using a professional photographer, you can actually take a picture on your I phone, send it to render on Fiverr, and they can make your product very spectacular, so here and its very cute too, $25 is nothing really in terms of the Amazon business experience so it’s trying to get me to sign in, but basically you see that the product looks amazing. Almost HD, I’ve heard people refer to it as that. Here is another great example and it includes the packages on this one and you can do this style on Amazon too, this one here is another great product, remember when you are on Amazon, you want to make sure you are actually offering these three drinks as a three pack, rather than just having them pick one. And here is another great one, that looks like an interesting product, I might look into that actually later, so that’s all for rendering.

Alright product title is important because you want it detailed exactly what they will be receiving. Make sure you are honest and giving them what they want. This kind of go to the shoot in the photo thing I was telling you about, okay you want to, if you are selling two, you want to state that you are selling two within your product title alright and within your product title, you want to start with what your brand is and then with what your product is, right after the other, you don’t want to confuse it by putting 30 days money back guarantees first, they need to know exactly what they are getting first and foremost.

Now I am going to take you to my product listing, and show you the title, alright, definitely like I said you want to start off with what your brand name is and my brand name was Baker’s Goods and then you want to give exactly what key word you are targeting or your main product so I was targeting non stick professional silicon baking mat, if I were to go back, I would actually change this to simply silicon baking mat maybe or I will probably put non stick silicon baking mat rather professional, just so I can really get those key words in there all that key word phrase in there.

Okay bullets, these aren’t the best bullet points I have made, but I will show you even better bullet points in a second.
Review count in most cases review counts will increase conversion and sales for your products, the more reviews you have, the more sales you will receive. And you want to keep between a 4/5 star rating on those reviews. Okay and there are some podcasters, some experts that start giving you this review count myth. Some quote that once you receive 75 – 100 reviews it doesn’t matter how much reviews you have, you got to make sales according to where you are at in the searches on pages and I can tell you for certain that, that is a myth. Now I believe where they are sourcing that from is that product confidence may stay the same but your sales may not necessarily increase.

So what I mean by product confidence is they feel confident that your product will do the job, once you reach 75 reviews, so if you have a 1000 reviewed product and a 75 reviewed product, if they buy either, they will feel confident enough that the product will work, not necessarily that they will pick the 75 reviewed product over the 1000 reviewed product.

Bullets you have to do some research about your product before you are able to craft great bullet points, you have to scan the bullets of your competitors and scan the reviews for what people want from the product, what they look for, you want to quell the fear some people may have about buying the product within the bullet point, if they are scared this product will break on its third use, you want to say this product is made with better materials or stronger material, than usual, than our competitors, and we have a 90 days guarantee, and add your money back guarantee if your product should break and you receive your product for free, you know you want to make sure that all their fears, or questions are answered within the bullet point.

And a standard bullet format is benefit/important feature of the product you are listing and when I say feature of the product, or when I say feature of the listing, I mean 30 days money back guarantees, something like that, and then you want to give a coding and then you want to explain how this benefit is reached, or how this feature will help. For instance if the feature is made with steel, you want to say this is made with ABC certified steel, this product will not break etcetera. And here is just a bullet example for baking mat, the benefit is non stick and easy to clean, and then coding, when finished clean up is a breeze just rinse the mat in warm soapy water to clean it, you can wash it in your dishwasher, top rack only after every use and clean it, it will look just like new again. So they explain the benefits exactly how easy it is to clean it.

And last but not least, is description, actually it kind of is the least, it’s the least important portion of your product listing. Meaning best selling products completely ignore this section and customers simply don’t read it. If you have it available though, it should be at least three paragraphs and you want to include a frequently asked question section, with proper questions, and answers from your competitor’s listings and the answer. That way you don’t have to worry about having to respond to a million questions. They are already answered in your description section.

Alright and here is my product description, this is very basic, as you can see I followed my own advice with the frequently asked questions on product description, you can see I divided it into at least three paragraphs or sections. Now I am going to show you a more detailed product description and again you don’t need this, the one I have will suffice, you may just want to focus on your reviews, so here is a product by Instanatural, it’s their vitamin c facial cleanser and they are in the Amazon program that allows this, you don’t necessarily need to involve yourself with the program that allows you to have these types of images in your product description, but as you improve your Amazon business, you may want to create images like these for your product description as time goes on, you don’t want to spend any extra resources on what you don’t need. You really want to focus on getting the products, getting them optimized and get those organic sales before you can start doing all these extravagant things.

So as you can see, they have a great presentation in their product description but again, you have to see the way they’ve optimized, they have a great photo, some good BC pictures, and then here is some better bullet points as I said again they’ve given you the benefits and then they expand a little bit more, this is the perfect way to have your listing, this person knows the tenets of the scores. If I had a similar teacher teach it to me and again here 914 customer reviews so this person has really gone out and pushed to get this product noticed and to get those sales.

And finally special tags portion, this is the number one best seller tags, and the Amazon’s Choice tag. In some cases these tags can increase your conversion by ten percent, so you get the clicks ten percent more with these tags. And now I just want to show you those special tags I was telling you about earlier, so I am going to go to Amazon, type in baking mat, and here you will see Amazon here for baking mat, here is the best seller and here is another best seller tag, even though it’s the same product it may be in a separate category and that is why it is two for this particular key word.

And for some extra conversion tips, see The Listing Optimization Tips Lecture in the Pre-launch Phase of this course. So that’s all for Amazon conversion, and I will see you in the next lecture.


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