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Hi, I am Jon, and today I want to talk about Amazon’s Sales Rank. Amazon’s sales rank or Amazon Bestseller Rank has always been the most overrated feature of Amazon. There are either many services created for a specific purpose, of boosting your bestseller rank. Now Amazon sellers started to order these services, and they got what they ordered, a temporary boost in their bestseller rank, and then found the product went right back to the rank it was before they enlisted the help of the service, the sellers then claim the services didn’t work and that they weren’t at the top. Now the thing is the services did do exactly what they said they were going to do. The fact is this sellers received disappointing results due to their misinterpretation of what exactly bestseller rank was.

Bestseller rank is determined by the number of sales you make in relation to others in your category. For example, the main category of home and kitchen, if you received a rank of 8000, you are the 8000th more sold products in that category. So in relation to others if another seller would have dropped in sales you will rise to the 7999th rank in the home and kitchen category. So I am basically trying to say that bestseller rank is a metric, its relative, it’s not static, the rank doesn’t stay the same forever, once you reach it.

The relation of how many products you’ve sold compared to others in your category is how you can define the bestseller rank. So the categories in ranking are the main category like electronics and home and kitchen and then from the kitchen is the bake ware, subcategory, so you can be the 8000th most sold in home and kitchen, but the number 1 bestselling in the bake ware subcategory. And going further down, from bake ware there is the sub-sub category of baking tools, so you can be the 2nd most sold product in bake ware and the 4th most sold products in baking tools. So it just goes on down and down, and below, so the ranking is very wide so the rank you really want to pay attention to is the main product category, because like I said you can be No1 in bake ware but 8000th in home and kitchen.

So for now let’s just do a kind of study to see how you can further understand exactly how the Amazon bestseller ranking is. So let’s say all the products in the home and kitchen section stop selling for four hours on Amazon. Amazon resets the bestselling ranking system every three or four hours or so, okay so then suddenly your baking mat, that you just put on Amazon a week ago that has ten reviews sells exactly one unit, guess what? You are the no1 bestselling product in the home and kitchen category.

Now let’s say all the products on Amazon started selling as usual your 10 review count bestselling rank will fall back to where it was before Amazon mysterious sales drop. So how do you improve your rank organically in the grand scheme of things, your rank doesn’t matter 99% of the time. The real factors that matters when it comes to getting sales on Amazon organically is ranking for the key words customers use to search for your product. And then you have to optimize your listings through certain factors, and to know these factors and to know how to rank it organically, you have to see The Launch Logic lecture, and you can find this on YouTube or within the course.

Now I cannot say Amazon sales rank doesn’t matter completely for one reason, there is one that maters and it’s not for the reason that you think. The only sales rank that matters is No1, when you are the No.1 bestselling product, you receive the bestseller tag and you receive this best seller tag on your listing title. This title tag increases your conversion metric for any product that holds it. So if you receive the bestseller tag, you receive only more sales and that is all there is to it.
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