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Hi, I am Jon and I am here to talk to you today about Amazon SEO and I am going to give you the real deal on Amazon SEO strategy.

Amazon SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Amazon SEO is really simple, The A9 algorithm and every algorithm, podcasters and experts throw around A9 algorithm to sound smart and to sound informed. But for the most part you can ignore them.

This is kind of the tale of every algorithm. When it comes to any algorithm, on the net whether it be Google, Amazon or YouTube, they all look for key factors. It’s safe to say every experts on any of these algorithm will always highlight the minutiae of the algorithms to make you feel like you need them to succeed, but the simple fact in that is that all these algorithm serve businesses, and what do businesses want to give their customers? The answer to that question is easy, the best products, that’s it.

The goal of every business is to give the customers the best product time and time again, to keep them coming back. Every algorithm is structured to deliver those best products to the customer. How do algorithm tell which products are the best? It depends on the platform.

Every algorithm has a key metric they use to determine which products are the best:

• For YouTube its watch minutes.
• For Google it’s traffic to that certain website.
• And for Amazon, the key metric is sales.

Amazon is all about key words, Amazon is essentially a game of key words. basically you want to find the key words that leads to your products, and you can use:

• Merchantswords.com.
• Or Fanzle.com.

And I have a special note there for my students for my course to get them know the Junglescout which is kind of search result page evaluator, to help you evaluate which keyword bring in the most sales for a product.

Now in Amazon key words are not only tracked, but where those key words are, are, weighted. Okay and this is Merchant’s words and I am just going to show you a quick search for the term baking mat and with baking mat you can see that it is the most searched key word phrase, for this product which is the baking mat, and it is 264 thousand times a month.

Okay and here is Fanzle.com but what I want to share in this Amazon SEO lecture is the key words scraper and what that is does is to help you find longtail keywords. Longtail is just a phrase that refers to longer terms or longer keywords, so these are words that are maybe three to four words long for instance non stick silicon baking mat rather than just the key word baking mat which should just be a regular link key word and if you want to make sure that these terms are actually being searched and you want to get an excerpt on the number of time being searched, just put those terms right back into the merchant words.

So right now I am just going to put in baking mat and see what long term key words I can find there and again you don’t have to use fanzle you can use Amazon search bar also to see longer terms key words and I will show you that in a second as well. Alright so let submit and here we go bringing it out these are the keywords term, and you find that, loving these key word terms when you are searching baking mats, a lot of it can be found on merchant words, where you can see here baking mat I wouldn’t have thought of this one, silicon baking mat of course, that one silicon baking mat isn’t searched as much as the term baking mat.

Alright and now I am going to show you how to do the same thing with Amazon. Alright I am going to type in baking mat, and now already there you go, baking mats non stick silicon, baking mat set already down there for you, alright? Once you have determined the key words you would like to target, you have to figure out where to put them. Now there are weights attached to where you put the key words, so you have to pick wisely what key word is essentially your money key word, which is the key word that will convert the most or that is searched the most for your product. Okay, now I am going to explain to you where key words are weighted the heaviest.

Okay, where your key words gets the most weights is in the title so this is where you want your money keyword to be. The second most weight is in your bullets. Then in between the second most weight and the third most weight is your back end keyword. Your third most weight is in the description. And the least weighted is in the reviews.

Many people don’t know that Amazon tracks keywords in reviews but if you’ve looked at them of course you will know that this can be true. If you type in for instance father’s day on Amazon.com’s search bar, you will find many products come up and 9 times out of 10, that father’s day is either in the bullets or in the reviews of that product.

Okay and here I just want to show you what the product weights are, so you know the most weighted is going to be your title, here we are, and they are following the strategy, brand “O’moon,”then title of the product, non stick silicon baking mat, that’s the key word, the money key word that they are targeting, this whole thing comes in the title but they are following that, great strategy, okay, now the next place, is the bullet points, that’s the second most weight, third will be description, they probably skipped it, no here it is the silicon, the product description here and this is a great set up remember if you are doing a product description you want to have at least three paragraphs or I should say three sections and they’ve done that, I wouldn’t be surprised, this is one of my students actually, alright then you are going to scroll down and the last weight is the reviews.

So in conclusion, once the key words are placed, the next step is to get your listing optimized and get those sales coming in steadily and you will rank eventually.

That is all there is to it.


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