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Hi, I am Jon, and I am here to talk to you about Amazon tools or Amazon tool types. Okay and at first I want to say I don’t use all these tools, you want to see the lecture tools I use, in order to see the exact tools I actually recommend, or I should say the tools I actually use, so here is the run down.

For the tool types you have:

• The Product Finder (and SERP Evaluators)
• Then you have Keyword Tracker
• Listing Monitors
• And finally Feedback Systems

Okay the product finders, this tools generally work by scouring the Amazon site based on certain search parameters like review count, and you may want to only view products in the top 2000 of home and kitchen, with fewer than 200 hundred reviews, and this software will probe and find and present these products to you, this is great for the product finding portion of the Amazon business, naturally you won’t need this products that much especially if you your niche or size is very small, and some examples of the product finder are Amasuite and AMZshark. Okay and I just want to show you some of the sales pages, of some of the products I am talking about, just because I show you doesn’t mean I actually recommend it, and the first I am going to show you is the product finder called Amasuite and actually my uncle owns this one and it’s a bit slow if you start using it, it takes a while to get the information not only for Amazon, it’s a big market place but this particular product does take a while for you to get things filtered down, to a measurable level where you can tell exactly what you want. So anyway here is Amasuite the product analyzer is mainly what I am talking about.

When I say product analyzer, Amasuite is made up of seven different products in the top product analyzer, that’s what I am referring to when I talk about the product finder, and here like I said you can use different types of filters, to find different products within different sub categories and you can export different HTML reports in excel formats so you can not only dig for the information, but keep it as well.

Next is the SERP Evaluator which is kind of like the product finder, these tools begin their work after you’ve entered in a search request on Amazon, for instance when you go up the search bar and type in baking mat, once you’ve pressed enter, you will see the search result page and then you activate the evaluator which is usually a chrome extension and it will give you the estimated sales revenue, review count and various stats about every product on that page, including the sponsored products as well. Some examples of these are Junglescout and Unicorn Smasher and I believe these two are the only two available currently. Okay now I am going to talk about the SERP Evaluators, this is the Junglestscout website, and like I said this service basically just gives you the average sales average revenue and really evaluate the products using the SERPs.

Now this is just the page where you can find out where but first you are going to need the Google chrome to be able to use it, and I want to show you exactly what level you needed to get it there and you are going to get it used to be seventy, it’s now 97, at a time in this video but all you need is the chrome extension lite version, that’s all you need to get the monthly sales revenue, average number of review. That’s all you need to determine whether the product will be good enough for you to source for your Amazon business. And here is the page for Unicorn Smasher which is pretty much the same product and I will show you how to have these two products working in a second. And like I said once you click get unicorn smasher, you type in your name, your email, you can get this product for free. If you don’t want to pay $97 one time for Junglescout. Alright and now I am going to show you how to use both. Which is you can use them both the same way.

As you can see I have already gone on Amazon, I have already typed in my key term or product I am looking for which is baking mat, and once you do that, then you are able to use the product. You have to use it on the search result, page, which are the pages like this in this great format. So I am going to use Junglescout first, I am going to click here, it’s going to collect the information and then once it’s collected, you can actually organize it. You can get it organized by the number of estimated sales, by simply clicking the top here, or you can do it by estimated revenue, and you can see exactly the revenue level, and the review count level, and its average star rating, really an amazing product the only real product I recommend as you will see so in a second, and here is your Junglescout , and this is unicorn smasher chrome extension here.

I am going to click that, analyzers as you can see because it’s free, sometimes there is some missing content, when it comes to unicorn smasher but again you can still click here and organize the estimated monthly sales and this one, this version is free of course. This look is nice, jungle scout, to me but I feel JungleScout is a little bit more accurate as well, but it’s still a good product to use.

Alright so we are done with that, next is the Keyword Tracker, keywords tracker usually works as web applications meaning you have to log in to the site to use the service. Keyword trackers function lets you know where your product ranks or where your competitors rank, for certain keywords you decide to track within the search result pages, for instance if you were looking for a certain competitor, for baking mat it will tell you that your competitor is on page three on the search result pages for the term baking mat or where your product is ranked on page two for the term baking mat on the search results pages. This is a quick way of looking at where you stand on the search result pages in relation to your competitors, and one of the benefits of the key word tracker like I said earlier on is not only you can track your product, it’s that you can track your competitors products as well. And some examples of key word trackers are AMZ tracker and AMZshark.

Okay now I am going to tell you about AMZtracker, its created by the same people who created unicorn smasher, the unicorn smasher was really just created to get you on that email list, so they can offer you this product AMZtracker and like I said you can track keyword, with this product. it looks like they’ve also added a listing monitor services as well, so you can see if you have negative reviews and see if your products is been hijacked. So this product has really stepped its game up, listing monitors, a listing monitor alerts you to those things that are happening to your listing whether they are in real time or daily is up to you. If your listing is hijacked which means a person has decided to sell one of your used product on your listing or a person from china, is putting a white label product up and saying its yours, and put it on your listing, the listing monitor will alert you of that, if you receive a good or bad reviews or a product is pulled or suppressed on Amazon site, the listing monitors will alert you to that and that is usually through either by an email, or certain ones alert you by text message so you can get up to date, reports on your listings as it happens so you can take actions on problems quickly and easily, and some examples of listing monitors are Bindwise and Listingeagle.com.

Bindwise is another listing tracker, the advertising for the buyer box, it’s really for those people who are not private labeling which is what you should be doing not buying other products, you don’t really need that but again this is just to check to make sure your product isn’t hijacked and lets you know if your product has been suspended and also lets you monitoring your competitors and again it lets you know if you got a negative review and you can correct that.

And finally feedback system, feedback systems send automated email messages to your customers and these emails can either have a service angle like hey your product is shipped, or it can strictly be a customer feedback angle where its hey I need a review, if you liked our product please leave a review you know, those type of the emails. And these feedback systems is usually promising increase in reviews most times than not their actually influence on your review count will be minimal if it shows at all. So you know take it with a brand of salt, I know say they text and emails and things like that, you know, people are generally lazy so to really get results, those reviews you are going to have to have more than two or three steps process and some examples of these are feedbacks and feedback genius these are both in your feedback systems.

Okay and my main recommendation is you should have the SERP Evaluator meaning you should have jungle scout which is I think is $70 for the lite version, that’s really all you need, you don’t need their full service or Unicorn smasher which is free. Show you some other tool tips, for product evaluators, you can invest in them if you want, but I don’t recommend them because you only going to be sourcing at most maybe four products a year depending on your resources, so you won’t really need them and they generally cost, it is like a monthly basis type of service, and you won’t need them every month so you basically just be throwing money out you need that money for launches and promotions.

Alright keyword trackers are nice to have, when you have multiple products, or looking to expand your keyword strategy, but starting off, they are mostly unnecessary you only need to rank for one or two times on most products, most products usually only have really one to two keywords that really bring in money for the product. So you don’t really need to you know, continue to check on the minuscule products where you only get one or two sales, where the money keywords are going to give you possibly a thousand sales a month. That’s what we need to focus on. For listing Monitors those are not necessarily needed either but they can be good investment if have multiple brands or a very extensive product catalogue, and finally to feedback systems the reason I don’t recommend them is because starting out you really don’t want consider Amazon business especially if you have brand new products as a passive income. You want to stay in involved and the way I did that starting out was I will be sending out the emails for each sale I receive everyday and it doesn’t take that long at most I probably spend an hour on some of my best sales days. So I will see you in the next lecture and have a nice day.


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