Amazon FBA Course- Launch Logic or How to Increase Amazon Sales

Hi, I just want to let you know, if you see any awkward jumps in the face cam, it’s not a glitch, I just cut out any dead space or if I went off on a tangent and with that been said, lets jump right into launch logic.

Okay, this is what I call launch logic or the traffic secret, knowing me you probably found this video searching Amazon FBA Course, Amazon FBA, how to start an Amazon FBA business, or something along those lines. I know on this title slide traffic secret might not make much sense to you now, but just see exactly what I am talking about as I go through these slides, unlike many videos, where they title it something like let me show you how I make $40,000 in a month, and then they give you some introductory material you could have found on a blog post, that don’t really tell you anything, this video is going to go into exactly how you can start making sales without any money on ads spent. You get all your money directly from Amazon, and that is what launch logic is all about. Getting those sales without having to spend any money on ads. So let’s get right into it.

If you made it to this video, it’s probably because you are a little burned out, you are a little tired, you’ve had your product on Amazon for maybe some months, a few weeks and you are not getting any sales or you haven’t even started yet, and you are just trying to find out what is the secret. So many people have tried, and failed, you want to know what it really takes to make it on Amazon. You are listening to a lot of podcast, a lot of gurus, you know they kind of dance around the question, you know they give you a little tactic or strategy here and there they are not really explaining how they get those $40,000 a month, month after month. And if you are as seller you probably tried everything, Google ads, Facebook ads, giveaways, software to help you find less competitive products, products that will start making sales, immediately as soon as you put it on the platform, and you maybe even tried the review service or a launch service but you find, with this you are probably using them incorrectly.

And a lot of people that tried those things still get no traction, you still are having a hard time selling. You may have sold one or two items, but you just can’t get the ball rolling. Well, I am here to tell you the secret. The answer to your Amazon problem is Amazon.com, its Amazon itself. Now let me show you how. I am not talking about Amazon pay-per-click ads, or the PPC platform, where you know you sponsor your product for shots above other products in the search engine, but you are close. Okay more specifically the answers to your problem is Amazon’s SERPS, or their search result pages. The fact is there are millions of products on Amazon. You can’t make sales if the customers can’t find you. First let’s take a trip to Merchantwords.com. This site gives you an estimate of the monthly searches done on Amazon’s platform. Let’s start with a search on the term baking mat. As you can see baking mat, is probably the number one most searched term when someone is looking for a baking mat, it’s searched 264,000 times a month, imagine. Every time someone typed in this your product showed up. And this is the most targeted customer you can get so they already know they want, is actively searching for your product, it’s the best ads in the world. You have 264,000 opportunities to sell your product, you didn’t have to give away coupons or pay for an ad, don’t get me wrong Amazon PPC is a great tool but not the magic bullet that will save your product.

Allow me to introduce to you a second concept using the tool JungleScout. This tool estimates the sales and revenue of products in Amazon search. Okay let’s search the same term baking mat. This is the search page that returns, of course this page can be different according to what Amazon is testing at the time, but right now it’s giving us a great layout. Alright the next thing we are going to do is check out jungle scout, let’s give it some time to think and I am also going to zoom in the page here, as you can see jungle scout is a great tool giving us the average sales rank, the average price, and the average number of reviews of the product.

But what I want to draw your attention to is the estimated revenue column in this section, as you can see the top two products on this page, are estimated to be making about $35,000 in revenue, every month. 2473 sales, for the top product and an estimated 2497 sales for the second and as you go down the page, you can see that prices rise and fall, but mostly tenth until you get to nineteen and twenty two, which may be ranking for other key words and certainly a higher position that has to do with the term baking mat. But, as you can see by the time you get to the bottom of the page, you have revenue of 1000, 4000, 2000, and 1000, that’s too different from 34000 and 52000 at the top.
Now we are going to go to page two of the search results. We are going to run the same jungle scout tool, and we are going to give it a second to think. Now already you can see it change in the average number of views for these products which is 206 and look at the top of the second page, we have someone making 620, and someone making 5000, OXO Good is making 26000 but again it may be ranking for another positive key word in a higher position and these two at the bottom are as well. But as you can see it’s vastly different by the time you get to the bottom of this page, the bottom they haven’t even made a 1000 in estimated revenue, except for Farberware who may be ranking again with another key word in a higher place elsewhere. But as you can see it’s vastly different. The numbers are getting lower, no one here matches the revenue of 34,000 which is on the first page, and someone even making 22000 in estimated revenue, so you can imagine, the further you go into this key word, the less money you will see, each mat make.

Now again there are other key words but baking mat is the one most searched. And the one with the most opportunities for sales. Now do you see the main reason why you just can’t seem to make sales, with the Amazon product? If you aren’t on page one, or two for the key word, customers don’t even see your products. Now some might be saying wait Amazon PPC let’s me skip the line if I bid correctly, I show up on page one and two and I still can’t make sales. Well the issue there is that your listing has to be optimized to get sales. What do I mean? Lets take a look back at the baking mat search, okay this is the first page of the baking mat search, up here are the Amazon PPC Sponsored ads, and here is the beginning of the organic search.

Now let’s just pretend that these are the only four on the page. Which one would you buy? As a buyer, you will take into account the pictures, what you are looking for, a baking mat, and as I can see I am getting offered for the most part two baking mats. For the average price of around $14 and then you have this Silpat mat, for $25, and they are only offering one. Well as I can see, the one that stands out the most, for the most part is this one right here because it takes up the most of the image, but then I am going to go down to the reviews and the ratings. And as I can see the one I had my eye on, has a 161 reviews, most of them 5 star, but when I look over here, to the Amazon basics it has the No1 bestseller tag, so I may say to myself well, yes this one has five stars but this one here has way more reviews and its selling the best, so 9 times out of 10, I may pick this one, over this one. And of course this Silpat mat has way more reviews almost 2000 but I don’t want to get offered one for almost double the price of the Amazon basics one which is two, for only $14.

Now you being a new seller this is probably where yours is the Noybo Silicon Baking Mat. Its two, the color is different and the picture is pretty good but they only have 20 reviews. I am more likely definitely to pick this one over this one because more people have co signed this one and it just happens to be the No1 bestseller so you see it doesn’t matter if you show up on the first page in this situation because compared to the competition, you are not even close. You lose every time. Success on Amazon kind of becomes a circle to reach page one or two of Amazon, to have to make sales and convert. And you can’t make sales and convert unless you are on page one or two of Amazon. So you need a solution that:

A) Boost your sales.
B) Get you reviews and,
C) Ranks you for the key word that leads to your product.

And you can accomplish these things with the launch service. These are what these services are meant for. It’s not a use it once and then you are done type of deal. It’s kind of a process you use this services to give you those total boost of sales you need to get reviews and become optimized and then eventually you will reach those page one’s with your optimized listings you will be able to make sales day after day like your competitors do and reach those $40,000 a month after a while depending on the product of course. And for those of you that are unfamiliar, a launch service gives your product away at a discount to a group of buyers who through their own will and a bit or reciprocity will leave reviews and boost sales and ranking through purchasing your product.

And now that I have thought you the secrets, I am going to give you some quick tips. Once you launch the product, you have to follow up for reviews. The boost in sales and ranking won’t help if your product never becomes optimized. Essentially you will just be wasting money. So you have to follow up for reviews and the next is to not go into some mobile accessories or supplements. I know many of you are working on very limited budgets, and mobile accessories and supplements are just too high competitive categories. And for most products you need at least a 1000 reviews to start making your product optimized for sales organically. So unless you have a lot of resources to bank on I don’t suggest starting on mobile accessories or supplements. And next I want to tell you about CrushAzon.

Everyone should have a business model that works. That’s CrushAzon’s philosophy. We believe no one should have to pay over $2000 to access information that can change his/her life. If you look at the description on this video or down below, you will see a link to premium access to the first of my 6 parts course called Amazon FBA Launch series. For thirty days free you can access all six parts.

In it I teach you how to find low competition products and how to promote your Amazon products to bestsellers status without spending a dime on ads, whether they be Facebook, Google or Amazon ads. I have out my entire flagship course on Skillshare where you can access it free for thirty days. You can sign up monthly or purchase my course at $9 to access it permanently and both those links should be down below underneath description. If you don’t like it after 30 days, there is a link inside where you can download all my notes, you can keep them forever. And of course you can always re signup if you forget something or I have updated my course. And this course has been vetted. I have over 7000 students and I have maintained a 4.8 star rating on the platform Udemy where my course structure is between $45 and $25, but here I have offered it for free, and for nothing. And like I said earlier you can access all of my videos for free for thirty days, and you can download notes that you can keep forever. One of my top students make almost $4000 dollars the first 30 days active on Amazon using strategies on my course with the low competition products and then my top student is Mr. Marvin, and he got up to $20,000 his first month on Amazon and on top of that he is now making $40,000 a month with that same product. So with that being said thanks for watching, I hope to see you inside.



A note from Crushing Azon: We believe no one should have to pay over $2000 for access to information that could change his or her life.

Everyone should have access to explore a business model that works. For this reason, we put our entire flagship course on Skillshare where you can access it free for 30 Days: http://skl.sh/2nSevaF

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