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Amazon Sales Rank—What it Really Means…


Amazon Sales Rank or Amazon Bestseller Rank has always been the most overrated feature of Amazon. There were even many services created for the specific purpose of boosting your bestseller rank. Inexperienced sellers thought this sudden boost of bestseller rank would lead to more organic sales down the line.

Instead, they got what they ordered, a temporary boost in bestseller rank, found the product went right back to the rank it was before they enlisted the help of the service. The sellers received these disappointing results due to their misinterpretation of exactly what bestseller ranking was.

The Definition of Amazon Bestseller Rank/Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon ranks products according to sales for each major product category like “Electronics” and “Home and Kitchen.” Amazon also ranks products in subcategories within these major categories. For instance within the “Home and Kitchen” category, “Bakeware” is also ranked.

Amazon then breaks these subcategories down further into product-type categories or types. For instance, a product category with “bakeware” is “baking tools.” You would think it would stop there, but most likely there is product category ranking as well.

This is usually the product name, for instance, within the “baking tools” product-type category there is the product category, “baking mats.” So, if you are selling any product on Amazon, you can check the rankings and determine if you are the number one bestselling and who your closest competitors are.

Let’s narrow are our topic however to just the bestseller rank for the major categories like “Electronics” and “Home and Kitchen” because these ranks are what most services were referring to. But you should also recognize that all bestseller ranks from the major categories (Electronics and Home and Kitchen) to the product category (keyboards and baking mats).

What new sellers don’t understand is that bestseller rank is not static. It is a metric based on “relativity.” The relation of how many products you have sold compared to the other products in your category.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Let’s say all the products in the “Home and Kitchen” Section stopped selling for 4 hours on Amazon.(Amazon resets its bestselling ranking system every 3-4 hours or so) Then, suddenly your brand of baking mat (that you just threw up on Amazon a week ago that has ten reviews) sells exactly 1 unit, guess what, you are now the number 1 selling product in Amazon’s Home and Kitchen category.

Now let’s say all the products on Amazon started selling, as usual, your new ten review-count baking mat’s bestseller rank will fall back to where it was before “Amazon’s mysterious sales gap.”

The Truth of Amazon Bestseller Rank

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter 99% of the time. The real factor that matters when it comes to getting sales on Amazon organically is ranking for the keywords customer’s use to search for your product and optimizing your listing through several factors.

You can learn more about how to do that free for 30 days at Skillshare ( or see this article: Secret to Success on Amazon

The Only Bestseller Rank that Matters

I promised myself to have an honesty hour for every article. I cannot completely say that Amazon sales rank does not matter at all for one reason. There is one rank that matters, but not for the reason you think…

The only rank that matters is number one. It is not because you have the number 1 rank but the result of becoming number one. The bestseller tag you receive under your listing title. This tiny tag increases the conversion metric for any product that holds it, which adds a nice sales boost, sometimes to upwards of 10%.

Bestseller Tag


That’s the real deal on Amazon Sales Rank, now stop using those rank boosting services, they do not help.  You want sales to go up, work on optimizing your listing and ranking for keywords.


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