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Amazon Seller Tools You’ll Want to Invest In [Amazon Selling Tools]

Amazon Seller Tools You’ll Want to Invest In  [Amazon Selling Tools]

When it comes to Amazon seller tools, many are overhyped or overpromise.

In this article, I will run down all the product types of Amazon seller tools, and at the end, I will give you my recommendation on which you actually need and the degree to which you need them.

Product Types

Product Finder

These tools offer to help you find the best opportunities on the platform.   For signing up with these services you sometimes may find that they will send you lists by email of good product opportunities.  These tools generally work by scouring the Amazon site based on your parameters you may only want to view products in the top 2000 of Home and Kitchen with fewer than 200 reviews.  This software will probe and find and present these products to you.

Some examples of this are: Amasuite and AMZshark

A subcategory of these product finder tools is what you could call SERP (search result page) evaluators.  These tools begin their work after you entered in a search request on Amazon. When you land on the search result page, you then activate the evaluator, usually a Chrome extension, and it will give you the estimated sales revenue, reviews, and various stats about every product that is on the page.

Some examples of these are: Junglescout and Unicorn Smasher

Keyword Trackers

Keyword trackers usually act as web applications, meaning you have to log in to the site to use the service.  Keyword trackers also require you pay monthly in most instances.  Keyword trackers function by letting you know your where your product ranks for each keyword you decide to track within the search result pages.  This function is helpful because you can figure it out if promotions have actually helped (or maybe hurt) your brands standing on the Amazon platform.

One of the benefits of keyword trackers is that you cannot only track your keywords but those of your competitors on some services.

Some examples of Keyword trackers are: AMZ tracker and AMZShark

Listing Monitors

A listing monitor alerts you to things that are happening to your listing whether they are in real-time or daily is up to you.

If your listing has been hi-jacked (a person selling a product on your listing without your consent), if you receive a good or bad review, or if your product has been pulled/suppressed on the site these products usually notify you by email or by text message. Listing monitors are helpful if you have multiple listings and need some help keeping track of what is happening on the platform.

Some examples of listing monitors are: Bindwise and ListingEagle

Feedback System

Feedback systems send automated email messages to your customers.  These emails can either have a customer service angle, like alerting the customer their product has been shipped or if they have an issue with the product, or strictly a “I need your review” angle.  These feedback systems generally promise an increase in reviews.  More times than not their actual influence in your review count will usually be minimal if it shows at all.

Some examples are: Feedbackz and FeedbackGenius

My Recommendations

Now, what you have all been waiting for my recommendations!

The only product type I highly recommend you have starting out is the SERP Evaluator. You need to know what amount of revenue to expect from an optimized product. You are running in blind sourcing a product you have no idea what the ROI could be.

As far as the actual product evaluators, you can invest in them if you want but I don’t recommend them. Frankly, the products you pull using these types of product finders could all be duds.  These products aren’t able to calculate people who may be launching you would need to still be able to analyze the product.  If you are looking for product with few reviews you could quickly look at the Movers and Shakers section or Amazon’s latest experiment the “New and Interesting” section.

Keyword trackers are nice to have when you have multiple products or are looking to expand your keyword strategy, but starting off they are mostly unnecessary.  Most times your product only needs to rank for two sometimes three keywords to the bulk of sales it will receive naturally if the listing is optimized.

Listing Monitors are not necessary, but they can become a good investment if you have multiple brands or an extensive product catalog.  I wouldn’t invest in one until you are at least four products in on Amazon.

Feedback systems I have been on record saying to never invest in these kinds of products.  I have, however, changed my stance on this subject. I am a stronger believer that all follow-up should be done manually to keep you involved in your business and on your toes. It makes sure you don’t treat Amazon as a passive income, you want to interact with your customers on some level as a business owner and here is where you do it on Amazon. I do understand at a certain sales level it does become overwhelming and you may to invest in some help in the form of a feedback system and at that point that’s completely fine.   But as I stated earlier many of these feedback systems usually say they will improve your rate of review collection, and you simply can’t take that to heart.   Manage your expectations with these kinds of services.

Want to Know the Tools I Use Personally

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