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Amazon Verified Purchases and Reviews – The Real Deal

I have a ton of people messaging me every day saying that the reviews they get from their promotions are coming up as unverified purchased reviews.  The reason reviews are showing up as unverified is a result of the “October 2016 Reviews Update.”

Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

Before the October 2016 Review Update, an Amazon product review would show up with an Amazon Verified Purchase Tag if the reviewer had bought the product on the Amazon platform.

Verified Purchase tag

As it stands now, currently if a person receives a discount for more 50% off, the review will not show up as a Verified Purchase Review.  Amazon did this so that people would put stock in their “Verified Purchase Reviews.”

So what’s the solution here…


Verified Purchase Reviews, at this point, are just nice to have.  You will find that average customers do not care!  Also, why should they? In the current state of Amazon, they cannot tell if the person got a product at a discount or not.  For all they know, the person who left the review purchased the product elsewhere re-encountered it on Amazon and decided to write a review.

Most customers only look at the number of reviews.  Reviews are still the most important factor next to the professionalism of your first product and the title.

The quantity of feedback or social proof still outweighs every factor when it comes to your listing is more important.

So keep launching and keep pushing for reviews.


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