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The Problem

Anybody who has had trouble selling anything, online and offline, has had a problem finding customers. To make any consistent sales, you have to find people who are in need or are in want of the product. The rule is the same online, and off, you have to drive traffic to make sales. For online, this usually means buying ads on Facebook, Google, Bing, and maybe even Instagram shoutouts.

But here lies another issue, those people may click just to peer in, but don’t buy, which can be detrimental to those with smaller budgets.

Every opportunity seeker knows the now classic Shopify + Facebook ads strategy, but you spend a good portion of your budget finding a good product and audience fit if you find one at all. It’s a wheel of spending money to make (or not) money. This fact is the reason I chose to go the Amazon FBA selling route as the “testing” has already been done for me, through the bestseller ranking system. Here’s a link an article where I explain this in much deeper detail.

Also many platforms like Facebook work on interruptive ad models. People go to Facebook for content rather than to buy things. It’s the same for Google and Bing unless a search has buyer intent, for example, “buy product z” or “Cheap product x,” for the most part they may just be doing research on the product and have not yet made a buying decision.

The Solution…

Is to have products on sites where the buyers go, people with their cards in hand. Also the best thing you can do once your product is listed is to turn off your ads…all of them…no Facebook, Google, or Bing ads.

Here are some of these buyer sites with how much they are trafficked globally:

Amazon (8th most visited)

Ebay (27th most visited)

Flippa (8,541st most visited)

Udemy (472nd most visited)

Upwork (433rd most visited)

Freelancer (1,119 most visited)

You feel that, that’s your traffic problem solved.

Social Proof

Another issue you have when it comes to eCommerce is trust. If people who reach your offer do not trust your site or the product itself you will lose out on the sale. This is why many eCommerce sites, particularly fly-by-night Shopify stores have so much trouble getting sales initially. You will encounter this very same problem on these sites, so when you start, you will have to engineer some social proof.

Check out this article: Gamified Marketplaces

For the most part, social proof comes in the form of reviews and ratings, the more you have, the better. You will find especially on Amazon those with the most reviews tend to get the most share of the sales; I will expand on this in the next section.

Ranking and Keywords

To benefit from the traffic generated by these sites, you’ll have to rank on these sites “search results pages.” You will find those that rank with the most social proof, especially on Amazon, soak up the most sales, but for the most part everyone on the page is a winner, but the further back you go the more difficult the battle.

Just look at the difference between these two pages for vitamin c serum:

Page One:

Page Two:

This is one of Amazon’s most popular products, and there is a clear difference in just averages between page one. Almost a 50% drop in the average number of sales per month and reviews. There is a clear correlation there, that is why I feel Amazon is one of the most underrated games in town, but at the same time, this isn’t just Amazon, it’s almost every site.

It is not all that difficult to rank, the driving factor for most sites is sales. The best way to rank is to target your product’s top-of-mind keywords there are tools like Terapeak or the suggested search terms that pop up on the site’s search box.

Once you have targeted the keywords, perform a sale (or heavily discount) your service, on the site you want to be sure to have those first few review, so people don’t believe they are getting something sub-par. For more in-depth strategies you should really see the article, I linked above.

So No Ads Ever? /“Going From Inside Out”

So no ads ever? No, but once you have sufficient reviews and rank on these sites, you have provided yourself a “profit base.”

So instead of having to rely on the efficiency of your ad spend, you can use the proceeds to fund business growth. This strategy is perfect for those just getting started in the eCommerce game. Not only that, but you can build everything off of these sites, you can use the profits, reviews, and ratings to get more business. For instance, imagine paying for an Instagram shoutout and the influencer, not only does he or she give your potential customers a coupon code, but also they arrive at a site they trust (Amazon), and 300 reviews are telling them the product is great. It will do wonders for your conversion.


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