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The Importance of Factoring in Amazon’s Mobile Site — Why Amazon PPC and Other Gimmicks Won’t Save Your Product

Importance of Amazon’s Mobile Platform

Amazon’s mobile site and app are often neglected by the Amazon private label “gurus” and “podcasters.” Seventy percent of holiday purchases were made on mobile in 2015, up 10% from 2014. It is also found 68.6% of Smartphone users use Amazon’s app [Source: Expanded Ramblings]. These numbers tell you that you will want to optimize for this mobile platform, hence the reason for this article.

The nature of eCommerce is a battle for visibility. The business itself is the struggle for visibility, hence the thousands of ads you see every week.  This is even more relevant when it comes to huge marketplaces like Amazon. Products like Vitamin C Serum have over 100 pages on Amazon; I can assure you those who benefit from the popularity of this product are those on the first and second page of the search result pages (SERP) of Amazon when a customer types “Vitamin C Serum” in the search bar.

Why Traditional Ads Don’t Have Proper ROI

When it comes to Amazon, the best place to get sales is to rank for the relevant keywords for your product. So many of my students think they can get around this by using Amazon Pay Per Click, Google, and Bing ads, then ask why they cannot make a significant profit. I admit for most of these instances, they still have not fully optimized their listings, but even still… they would not see the stream of sales they would like to occur. Those who count on Google and Bing ads, do not realize most who search using those platforms are still in the research phase for his or her product. These particular searches may not lead to a sale, especially not right away. As for Amazon PPC…

Amazon’s Mobile Platform and Amazon PPC

As I stated earlier, “When it comes to Amazon, the best place to get sales is to rank for the relevant keywords for your product. The best way to illustrate this point is to simply pull up on your mobile device, particularly your smartphone.

Check out this screenshot from the SERP (search result page) when viewed on desktop (click the picture to zoom in):

Desktop search for the term “baking mat.” You will notice here you have 2 Sponsored (PPC ads) at the top in the main search column and a number in the side column as well. The organic search results (non-paid ads) start at “TTLIFE Set of 3.”

As far as the sequence of products it’s the same on mobile:

You will notice on the mobile site, the sponsored ad placements have been reduced to 1.

And on the app as well:

In this photo the only one paid ad presented happens to be Amazon’s…

It is not hard to tell the extraneous parts of Amazon’s page are gone. Even the sponsored ads number is reduced to “1.” And in the case of the baking mat, the one shown in the sponsored ad spot is Amazon’s private-label branded baking mat.

How to Overcome these “Difficulties”

If you have not utilized some semblance of a launch strategy, you are in a losing battle when it comes to your Amazon product.

You start by optimizing your listing and regarding mobile; your picture may be the most important thing. You want to start by standing out here. The second thing is reviews, and the last is actually implementing the giveaway that will help you get rank for the keywords most relevant to your product. For a full guide: Click Here

Key Takeaways

This use of Amazon PPC as a “hope and pray” method has to end.

Anyone saying the launch strategy is not viable, is frankly, uneducated.

How much time are people spending time scrolling endless pages of his or phone to buy something? If they are searching for a product, find it, and it looks good, they’re going to purchase it. I have rarely gone to page 2 on Amazon to buy anything.

This video will give you insight into why you should ditch Amazon PPC for awhile and how to launch products to search engine (for desktop as well): Launch Logic of viewed in full screen, video below as well)


For those of you who are beginners check out my general overview of the Amazon business model: Amazon FBA for Beginners

Jon Bowser

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