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Need an “Innovative” Product Idea, The 1-Up Product (The Sexy Product)

Are you one of those people that want a disrupter? Do you dream of having the next Uber? The only problem is you were not blessed with the brain of Steve Jobs. What if I told you there was a cheat code to designing the perfect product. Could you consider it a disrupter? No, but you could get close.

If you are interested in technology whether it be an app or a product, you will find the consumers of this current product telling you exactly what the next step is for your product.

The Steps:

1. Go to Amazon (or another marketplace) or Itunes and look at your product at the one to three-star reviews and see what people complain about and when you go to your manufacturer ask them to fix this issue with the product.

2. For more extensive research: search your product with the words “sucks” and “don’t buy” on Google and Bing

3. Explore Youtube, Blogs, and Forums and see what people like and dislike about your potential product.

4. When your product is finished and corrects the issues, don’t be afraid to come back to these posts and post your product as a solution to their problems.

It may cost more, but having the best product on the market will more than pay for your initial expenses.

In regards to Amazon, I teach you how to get a jump-start on your competition: Amazon FBA for Beginners


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