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Is Amazon FBA Saturated?- Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable 2017 [2018]

It is a shame this article will not be too long because the answer to this is far simpler than most will anticipate.

The quick answer is NO! Amazon FBA can never be saturated, that’s like asking if Wal-Mart or your local grocery store will ever become saturated.   The only difference between Amazon and your local grocer is that your grocer has a finite shelf space; Amazon’s shelf is ever expanding.

It is essentially never too late to start an Amazon business, because new opportunities/products arrive every day.

To scale to six figures, of course, you would have to know the steps to get there.

As expressed in this viral post I put in Reddit a few years back (FYI people thought Amazon was “saturated” then too) Reddit: Don’t Spend $5000 on an Amazon Course

Is Amazon Still Profitable? (2017, 2018…and Beyond)

Amazon will always be profitable.

The difference between being profitable on Amazon or not is largely based on the decisions made by the seller.  You can have a profitable business on Amazon, no problem.  Let me take you through a brief example.

We will take a look at de-shedding tools for dogs.


This product is very competitive. I can’t lie here. But it looks like the going price is around $11-15 dollars for an inexpensive one.   Now let’s take a quick trip to Alibaba…

Now even with shipping expenses you should at least be able to make $5-6 per brush sold at a cost of 2 dollar each that’s every profitable.  Of course, you would have to optimize the listing and rank, but its very possible to create a profitable business with a combination of products just like this one.

The best part about this product however is if you look at Junglescout a slightly less competitive product that seems to be just a popular is the deshedding glove.

Now take a look at how much it costs on Alibaba.


It costs about the same and is slightly less competitive.  I think I just came up with a brilliant brand strategy for a business owner out there.

One thing people misunderstand about Amazon is that they will become a million with one product…it’s possible. But the safest and best route to take is to become a six-figure earner with a suite of products under one brand.

The important thing is to reinvest the profit received back into your business; otherwise you will generally stay at the same revenue level. You also have to focus on building a brand made up of 2–4 products. Most products could give you 6 figures in revenue, but if you seek 6 figures in profit you will need a combination of products to foster the necessary growth.

You also want to utilize a product launch strategy to minimize costs and use software like Amazon Product Research Tool – Unicorn Smasher! to estimate revenue and the level of competition for future products.

This will assist you in determining which products will get to your 6-figure revenue mark.

Also check out this very relevant article:

You can see an excellent example of this process in this video:

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