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The “Perfect” Amazon Sales Page

I am going to break down how to have the perfect Amazon sales page. So enough of the introduction, let’s get right into it…

Most Important Things on your Sales Page:

  1. Images
  2. Title
  3. Bullets
  4. Description (special note on this)
  5. Reviews


The images are the absolute most important part of your Amazon Sales Page. The main image will get the click for all your advertisements. The factory photos are what everyone will have. You need to hire your professional photographers to take pictures of your product. Preferably, you want photos showing either your packaging or branded item. This keeps hijackers from listing on your Amazon product in an attempt to steal sales from you.

Ex. Main Image

Note: When creating the main photo image for Amazon be true to what you are offering if you’re selling two mats show two in the main picture. It seems simple, but many sellers get into trouble for this.

  1. Look at the definition presented in the picture it gives potential customers the best view of your product. This is the perfect example of a main image photo (in line with Amazon’s picture rules) that will catch the attention of potential customers

  1. This picture increased my click through rate 10% on FaceBook ads. (Same as first picture) Another Note: If your product pertains to food, make your potential customers hungry

  1. For pictures other than your main image, try adding text to highlight product benefits or features. Make an attempt to sell through the pictures themselves.


Make sure our title stands out from similar products. The goal of the image is to assist your image in getting the click. The title should detail what your product is, a unique feature, the quantity, and whatever special deal or discount you have running at the time (the deal or discount is currently frowned upon by Amazon, but if you can get away with it put it).


This should be a review of your product. Name the benefits of using your product, rather than features (like size, this should be in the title or your child listings). How do I review my product? Look at your competition see what good things people say then steal those and place them in your bullets. If a negative theme picks up, it burns at 160 Fahrenheit…” our product solves x…” The last bullet should either be a call- to-action like “Buy it Now” or a customer quote for a quick show of social proof.


The least important part of your Amazon sales page. The idea with this portion of your page is to just sound professional. You want to do your best to list the benefits of your product to the customer rather than features. For example, “…cuts cooking time in half…” rather than “…made with a heat-sensitive polymer…”

Add FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to Product Description

A “Frequent Asked Question” section provides reassurance to potential buyers and helps overcome any objections they may have.  There is another “Question and Answer” Section but adding a FAQ to your product description can assist in getting those buyer question out the way when your listing is first activated.

I look at questions posed at other Amazon seller’s Question and Answer section to calculate the most common questions and answer them here the FAQ section.


The number of reviews you have on your product will directly affect how many sales you make. It is important you have email follow-up or follow-up call to gather enough reviews to make picking your product a no-brainer for potential customers. What should your target number of reviews be? Look at the lead product that is most similar to yours, and try to gather about one-third reviews over theirs. For example, if the top product has 1,000 reviews aim for about 1,333 reviews before you let up in your aggression of obtaining them.

For more information on how to jack up your reviews with speed, check out this post: Amazon FBA for Beginners

Other Sections to Consider


The Truncation

Amazon gives you 111 characters to play with before they cut you off with ellipsis (…)

Therefore to entice buyers to click remember to put your “money back guarantee” or “buy one, get one free’ offer before you are cut off.


Coupon Stack

You can increase orders by creating multiple listing coupons. Most people skim over this section because the text is so small.

Just post multiple “25% off” coupons or “buy one, get one free” coupons you want people to see and use these.


Customer’s Questions and Answers

Anyone can post a question and anyone can answer. Use this to your advantage.

Have someone ask a question that may increase his or her chances of buying?

Ex. 1

Q: “Is this organic?”

A: “Yes, we also give 10% of our profits to …” (don’t lie, but make your answers awesome)

Ex. 2

Q: “I heard there’s a 25% off coupon?”

A: Yes, the code is XX001


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