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Junglescout – the Only Product Finding Tool You Need

I know you are looking for an affiliate link, but to put it quite simply this really the only product I can endorse, in full confidence. If I had to pick one tool to use for the Amazon business, it would be between Junglescout and Merchantwords, plain and simple.

Junglescout’s tool gives you the average review count and sales and best of the revenue each page in the SERP. The best part of Junglescout is that is inexpensive compared to what it can do. You only need the lite version of the Google Chrome extension to use it successfully.

Before Junglescout…

Before Junglescout, all you had to rely on to know if a product was a good pick was the bestseller rank and how many reviews most other versions of the same product from other brands had.

Now with Junglescout, you do not have to follow those rules you pick products based on the desired level of revenue you wish to bring in.  Junglescout creates almost a no lose situation.

Here’s an example of Junglescout in use:

How I Assess

This is how I use Junglescout, I have never released this information before, and I am not sure I will keep it on the site, to be honest with you, so if you are reading this now screenshot or save this in a word document.

First of all make sure whatever product you are researching meets the base requirements like being a simple, small product. You can see the rest of the pre-evaluation factors here: Best Private Label Products

After I run Junglescout on the SERP of the most searched keyword for the product, which is usually the product’s root phrase, for instance, the “baking mat.”

1. Write down the number of the lowest review count and it’s sales revenue

2. Write down the number of the highest review count and it’s sales revenue

3. Look at the prices of both the products

4. Determine if the products you are looking at are indeed the same (if it’s Argan oil, is it strictly for hair and the other not, is there is a bottle size difference, is one a 2-pack). Skip to 6. if the same, go to 5., if not.

5. If the products are not essentially the same, find the match for each on the page and run through steps 1-3 again. Usually, you want to pick the one you prefer to continue to number 6.

6. Look at the lowest review count do you feel you can compete, if not, you can end your evaluation there. If you feel you can, go to number 7.

7. If you feel you can reach within 100 of the highest review count competitively, this is a good sign that this is your product.

8.Look at the revenue of the lowest review count, does the revenue sustain your product cost. Look at the price of the product here, is it far below everyone else’s or is it right in line.  If it’s far below, this may be a sign of a product that may head toward the bottom of prices after months of competition.

9. Finally, see if the revenue by the highest review count product is in line with your goals.

The biggest factor here, is making sure the products you pick are in line with your business goals and you can sustain and profit with the product with your level of resources when it comes to sourcing and launching your product.

A Free Alternative

Still not sure you want to take up the investment.  Well, check out this free alternative called Unicorn Smasher.  It gives you all the data points Junglescout does but I just personally feel that Junglescout is slightly more accurate, but that’s just an assumption by me, do not take it as fact.


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