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How to Do Keyword Research for your Amazon Product?

I find many people lack direction when it comes to this topic, so I figure I will run through it.

Find a Product

The first step to keyword research is finding a product to source. You want to keep in mind all your research will go to waste if your product does not meet the requirements in this article: Private Label Products–What to Sell

Keyword Collection Process

This is the most important part of the process.  Here you are going to collect all the keywords that could lead to your product. The first place you will want to is Amazon search suggestions.  You want to start by topping all the “top of mind” phrases you think of when trying to look for the product.  Amazon’s auto-complete will give you long term phrases your “future customers” type to get your product.

Once you have gathered all the keywords, you can there.   Another alternative to this is to go to Amazon’s pay-per-click platform and select a manual campaign Amazon will then give you a list of keywords customers’ type to reach your product.


  1. Go to Amazon Seller Central portal
  2. Go to the Advertising tab
  3. Then click “Campaign Manager” in the ‘Advertising’ tab drop-down menu

  1. Click “Create Campaign” it will be a gold button

(If you haven’t already set up a quick listing for your potential product)

  1. Create a Campaign Name, then leave the daily budget on default and the start/end date on default. We won’t be making this campaign live anyway
  2. You then want to select “Manual Targeting” option for your “targeting type.”

7. Then click “Continue to Next Step.”

8. Keep “Ad Group 1” name and then select your product you wish to find keywords for

9. Then under the Heading “select a bid and Provide Keywords” you will find Amazon has populated the suggested keyword box with all the phrases Amazon feels match your product.

  1. Record all the keywords that are relevant. (Sometimes competitor’s keywords and keywords that don’t directly match your product will show up)

Evaluating the Keywords Worth Going For

Amazon only gives you so much space to include keywords. So you can’t optimize your listing for every possible keyword. After all some of these keywords may only be searched a few times a month.

The free tool you are going to use to evaluate which keywords are worth going for is They allow five free searches a day, you can also pay $9 a month for unlimited searches.

The next step is to go to you will need a subscription there. You will then put all those keywords you collected in Amazon there.  All the keywords searched more than 10,000 times you want to record and place somewhere safe.  You will want to mark the three ones searched most; these are the keywords you will want somewhere in your listing.  The rest can go into your back office keywords section.

Determine Money Keyword

Now I developed a term for the most searched keyword when it comes to an Amazon product.  This most searched keyword is what I call “the money keyword.” Most likely the product’s base phrase, what it is, is the “money keyword.”  For example, the “money keyword” for “baking mat” is surprise, surprise “baking mat.”

For those who have tougher money keyword’s to determine.  You will have to look at the search result pages of Amazon and use a tool like Junglescout or Unicorn Smasher to determine which page has products that see the most amounts of sales.

For Junglescout all you have to do is look at the average estimated sales metric for each page of those keywords searched the most in your research.  And once you find the money keyword…

That’s It!

It is simple as that. Keyword research is not complicated at all.   For a more in-depth look at how to use this research, you have to join the promotional course I created for you.

Note: Any keyword that is not the money keyword is considered a secondary keyword and you can target those keywords as well to increase your profits.  Alternatively, if you  want to avoid the heaviest of your competitors you could ignore the “money keyword” entirely and focus on the secondary keyword, of course, you will want to check with Junglescout to make sure this strategy will be profitable for you.

See below for more details.


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