What Mistakes Should I Watch Out for When Selling on Amazon FBA?

I get this question all the time and the truth is that there are 3 big mistakes that can be hard to recover from.

Mistake 1: Not Confirming Samples

You always want to confirm if you’re samples are high quality.
If it’s too expensive to ship to your home (for non-US) have an inspection service do it for you.
In addition, to this have your first shipment sent to your home or to an inspection service like FBAinspection.com

Mistake 2: Don’t Forget FNSKU’s

This goes hand-in-hand with mistake number 1.
Don’t forget every unit of product you send need an FNSKU sticker applied to your supplier or a company like FBAinspection.com.

Mistake 3: Not being Mindful of Budget and Launch Logic

Every student needs to watch Amazon Launch Logic video at least twice. You have to understand to reach your desired revenue good for a product you’ll have to meet a happy medium between rank on the search result pages and review count.

These numbers depend entirely on your competitors. If you competitor’s average review count is 400 you can’t expect to make a great revenue/sales numbers until you reach around that number.

Mistake 3: Not being Mindful of Budget and Launch Logic

This may involve multiple launches and shipments of product. Those with smaller budgets or a very expensive product may not be able to reach that review count for months.


These are the big 3, if you take note, you’ll be fine.


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