What Podcasters and Gurus Get Wrong About Amazon FBA

Many people are over-complicating Amazon. Do not let countless articles, podcasts, and webinars confuse you. Honestly, if I had a podcast, it would be one episode. This is going to sound crazy but when it comes to Amazon only two factors matter.

That’s right, only two factors determine your product’s success on Amazon everything else is optional.

2 Factors Determine your Success

Amazon comes down to two factors you hack these two factors, and you have a winning product this course /article teaches you what they are and how to hack for maximum results with what I call launch logic.

These two factors will also allow you to determine the level of competition you will face with your product. You will be able to determine how fast you will get organic sales, how much money you will have to spend before you even source a product. It’s like seeing the matrix for the very first time. If you would like to know these two factors I reveal them in this article: Success on Amazon.com AKA Launch Logic

BSR: Best Seller Rank

Gurus and podcasters talk about it all day. Services offered to help give you a boost! Let me tell you BSR doesn’t matter as much as they make it out. BSR only represents how much a product is selling in relation to other products at a particular time. So, yeah these services can give you a boost, but if you haven’t hacked the two factors I spoke about earlier, your product’s BSR will snap right back to where it started.


All these guys seem cool telling you to buy something generic o Aliexpress, set up Amazon pay-per-click service, see if you get sales. If you do the product is a winner, and you can spend more money on it.

You could go through that process, but 9.9 times out of ten you have wasted your time and money. Amazon is the world’s biggest library of products, a database; this means the testing is already done for you. Just go back to that BSR those podcasters love telling you about, while it is only a measure of sales a product has had in relation to others at a given time, it is an accurate measure of demand for a product. A product can reach a certain level of BSR if customers don’t want it. The BSR is all you need to determine if a product is worthy to source or not. If a BSR for all versions of a product is low (1–4000), then you know that many people want it. If the BSR for any product is below 4,000, you know this product is a safe bet.

Amazon Pay-Per-Click Platform

This is the biggest topic students ask me. Podcasters, gurus, and experts treat PPC like a sales machine.” Just put up a product, throw some keywords in, and watch the sales come in.” Any experienced seller will tell you this simply isn’t the case, I’ve had students burn 100’s of dollars and get frustrated as to why it is not working as so-and-so said. The issue isn’t that PPC is flawed, it’s not your keywords, or how much you bid… It comes back to those two factors that determine your success, one in particular. If you do not hack that factor, PPC’s not going to work for you.

Bonus: Amazon Arbitrage and Textbook Trade-in

Let me first state Amazon arbitrage and textbook trade-in are an excellent way to make money ON THE SIDE. If you want a business an asset, you can pass on or sell a private label brand is the way to go.

It’s far easier to create a product once then having to keep searching for discounted product you can resell. Think of Coke, the very same product more or less for over ten years. Take a chance and truly invest in yourself by building a brand.


Now if you want to learn those two factors, want to get BSR and make it stick, stop guessing when it comes to competition level, and want Amazon PPC check out this article: Success on Amazon.com AKA Launch Logic


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