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“Why have my Amazon Sales Dropped?” Response

In this article, I’m going to explain why this may occur.

It’s mainly due to two causes.

Amazon’s Product Promotions Strategy and your Conversion Rate

For many small businesses, Amazon is a lifesaver. They help companies save costs that would go into traditional forms of advertising. Promotional methods like email, banner ads, and re-targeting are all taken care of by Amazon. But for Amazon to do these things for your product, you have to meet certain requirements. The primary factor is your listings conversion rate; Amazon cannot spend money on any product. Amazon is a business they can only pay for advertising the products that sell in their very extensive catalog.

Amazon is a business, they so they can only afford (not really) to spend on products that get the sales. SO it is safe to say if your conversion rate isn’t around Amazon’s average of around 8–10%, they will stop sending traffic to your listing using the advertising methods I previously mentioned.

Customers Can No Longer Find your Product

This one is going to sound incredibly simple. It can be broken down with one question “How do customer’s find your product?” They search for it using keywords. If your product does not come up on page one or two for your product’s most popular search terms, it’s likely you will make few if any sale at all. It is likely that your competitors may have done a sales promotion and bumped you off the search results pages (SERPS) that lead to your product. I know some sellers who were bumped to page four and completely lost all access to sales.


I hope that cleared some things up for you!

Now that you know your issues, the next step is to remedy them. Luckily, I’ve already created a blueprint for you here: Success on AKA Launch Logic


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